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With French tradition at its heart, Beehive retains its unique savoir-faire to produce an exceptional blend of the finest brandies.


Once called « Burnt wine » and « Water of life », brandy’s elaboration begins with a careful selection of white or red grapes with a strong acidity. The grapes are then crushed to obtain a juice which is fermented to make a wine between 8% and 12%vol.



Beehive is a masterful blend of eaux-de-vie distilled in column stills, for softer aromas, and in pot stills to capture the purest essence of the grapes.


The column still requires just one phase of distillation while the pot still repeats the process twice. The aromas of the brandy change according to it, with the pot still the richness of gustative quality is more complexe and intense.   

Distillerie Beehive



Patiently matured in oak casks, the aromas are fine tuned according to French tradition. The brandy will take advantage of the oak and create its unicity over time.

Aromas will develop, colour will change and brandy will begin to approach its final form.



At the final stage, our Master Blender utilises her expertise in blending to magnify the wines' eaux-de-vie creating the iconic Beehive brandy we know and love.

The result? A brandy which is beeyond expectation.

Dégustation Beehive

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